Retail Photography: DSR Automatica R


The DSR AUTOMATICA R is a dramatic freestanding kiosk system for retail sales and pre-sales. Its sculptured, transparent shell integrates a 130° capture system, allowing customers to view themselves with the product from an array of front and side angles, while potential customers can glimpse the process from all angles outside the kiosk. The resulting 3D image can be sent to an email address and or shared via social media for viewing by friends. Vendors capture the customer’s contact info for future communication.

DSR AUTOMATICA R kiosks can be placed freestanding in a mall, store or other location. A branded attraction, the DSR-R creates unique opportunities for consumer / salesperson interaction as well as long term consumer / brand relations. The DSR-R offers additional wall space for showcasing products or advertisement. DSR-R structure and software can be configured to suit any retail environment or to coincide with advertising campaigns. Ideal for eyeglasses, sunglasses, hats, hairstyling, and makeup. Configurations for footwear, belts or athletic attire available.


  • What It Is
  • How It Works
  • Where It Goes
What It Is

Concepts and software from DSR’s New York Studio, and precision construction from Durst’s European Manufacturing Facilities add up to an unparalleled product for capturing presales images. Each event station is a sleek, curved transparent housing, housing 13 embedded cameras, and driven by a user touchscreen. Ease of use combines with advanced technology to create 130˚ captures that can be viewed via social media or email.

How It Works

Choose a product, compose yourself in the live preview, and use the touch screen to trigger a shot. Review your 3D capture, and decide if you want to post it to social media, or email it to yourself. Try more products, and compare.

Where It Goes

Anywhere people gather, there’s an opportunity to interest them in browsing for personal products. 3D images make the process more fun and interactive. Sales locations include malls, fairs, department stores, salons, and events. Use coupons and internet specials to drive customers to your location. Devise contests and events incorporating your products and 3D captures to create even more interest and attendance.


The AUTOMATICA R is built in the European Union at Durst’s renowned Fabbrica (Precision Fabrication Plant) using a solid plexiglass design for strength, beauty, durability, precision, and transparency.


The AUTOMATICA R contains 13 optical units, arrayed over a 130˚ angle, to produce 130˚ dimensional images. Each unit consists of a fixed lens, filters, sensor, local electronics, memory buffer, and communications bus, to shoot images and deliver them to the integrated computer. Lenses are 30mm equivalent.


Dimensional Images shot with the AUTOMATICA R are in the JPEG format, with a resolution of 2736 by 1824 pixels. Compressed file sizes are in the range of 90kb per image, 1.5Mb per revolution, 3.5Mb for gif, 3.5Mb for 13 second mp4. This format is easily transported via email or web to most mail services and popular social media sites. Facebook will display these images automatically. By loading the images to a server, and sending an email link, most users can easily view the dimensional image from their email client or web browser.


The integrated touch screen is big, bright, and easy to use. The simple and elegant interface allows first-time users to operate the unit effortlessly. A range of international touch keyboards can be selected for global operation. Behind the scenes, the operator can configure features as desired for a given event including: capture settings, image style, watermark, interface branding, event page branding, and email address capture.


The AUTOMATICA R is a self-contained system. Local electrical current (110 to 220 volts, 50 to 60 cycles) is supplied by a standard local electrical cord, with grounded connection (local cord supplied with unit). Internet communication can be configured via ethernet or wirelessly from the internal computer system, similar to setting up a laptop on a local WiFi network. Local Network required.


The AUTOMATICA R is delivered, installed, and configured by DSR technicians on location anywhere in the world. The DSR-R support team is ready to assist clients via remote access 24 hours a day 7 days a week. In addition we have on site support in over 100 countries.


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